Westfield Infant School, Watton

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Gas Safe Registration 22889

Westfield Infant School, Watton

Project Description:

New ventilation system to the School Kitchen.

Strip out existing system. Two new canopies, ductwork and ancillary items.

New Extractor fans and curbs.

New supply air handling unit.

New low temperature hot water heating circuit, pumps, automatic and manual valves, thermal insulation and supports.

New Kitchen users control panel, control power and wiring for the entire installation.

Natural gas installations.

Associated electrical and builders work.

Testing and commissioning and demonstration to end user of system

Project Included:

  • Strip out existing canopies, duct work, fans, controls, wiring.

  • Supply and install a dedicated ventilation system to serve the kitchen and associated catering equipment to remove products of combustion, of steam, cooking odours and heat through a tempered and filtered fresh air supply system and extract system that incorporates bespoke canopies to extract and replace air within the Kitchen environment.

  • The system comprises of two canopies – one main canopy for the catering equipment and one for the sterilising sink.

  • The ventilation duct work was installed above the Kitchen in the ceiling void and at high level in the Plant Room. There was not a lot of room for this installation. A great deal of planning was necessary between all parties – Design Consultant, ourselves and our sub-contractors to ensure a smooth installation. This proved to be successful as the works was completed and handed over on time.

  • The air handling unit is a packaged unit located in the Plant Room complete with integral acoustic treatment and attenuators. The fresh air duct work is thermally insulated and clad.

  • A constant temperature LTHW circuit has been installed to serve the air handling unit complete with circulating pump.

  • A safety interlock system between the natural gas supply to the catering equipment and supply and extract ventilation systems has been installed with user interface .

  • All controls and wiring was included complete with a dedicated control panel in the Kitchen for operator use.

  • All builders work was allowed for within this contract. This included; forming of holes, plastering, making good ceilings and walls. A new access platform was installed at high level in the Plant Room for the supply air handling unit.

  • A new gas supply was installed from the existing gas meter room to the Kitchen catering equipment.

  • On completion a comprehensive operation and maintenance manual was issued to the client. This included all test certificates, drawings, product information and description of systems. This was handed over at the demonstration meeting showing the School how to operate the system

Contract Value: circa £105,000.00

Project Team:

NPS Property Consultants.